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 米乐m6平台网址,致力于工业级高精度3D打印服务,打印材料光敏树脂,广泛应用于建筑设计,医疗辅助,航空军工,工艺美术,玩具鞋模,工业装备,产品设计等领域,可打印白板件、高韧性件、耐高温件,透明件,半透明件。本公司前身为建筑模型制作公司,对建筑模型建模打印尤其擅长,公司秉承质量第一服务至上的经营理念, 为您提供全球最新最全最高水平的工业级3D打印资源。


Shanghai to build Kunming 3D Printing Technology Co. Ltd., is committed to industrial grade high precision 3D printing services, printing materials photosensitive resin, widely used in architectural design, medical aid, military aviation, arts and crafts, toys, shoes, industrial equipment, product design field, print, whiteboard, high toughness and high temperature. The transparent and translucent parts. Our company was formerly a building model production company. It is especially good at modeling and printing architectural models. Our company takes the quality first and service foremost business philosophy to provide you with the latest and highest level industrial 3D printing resources in the world.

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    The company has several large industrial grade light curing 3D printer, printing material of photosensitive resin, forming a smooth surface, forming precision, forming 0.1mm, 600mm*600mm*400mm size (LxWxH), STL data format, print products include architectural models, industrial products, hand casting, cultural creativity, medical assistance, aerospace industry, automobile die in almost all areas.

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